Wednesday, October 14, 2009

this is me at work making a bleaching tray for a patient to have white teeth.
i love being out of the salon. of course i miss the people. i worked with the greatest team...but now i'm doing something i can be proud to say i do.
and i needed that.

and im getting marrieddddddd dsakldmsadlasmk!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

this means im getting married!
josh surprised me this morning big time. after breakfast and a shower i reached for the toothpaste and found the ring taped to it haha. i shouted for him and he came in,got down on one knee, gave a little lovin speech and popped the big question. i was speechless! but of course i accepted his request and now im engaged!
now i get to pick out a dress!
now i get to plan something!
oh my oh my.
josh is the greatest and has been a huge part of who i've been becoming as a woman. i couldn't ask for anyone else to spend my life with.

Friday, October 9, 2009

i painted this for joshua. he loved it. its all that hangs on our wall.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

why not update here too.

yesterday after work i came home and fell asleep for a while until lara showed up at my door. surprise! we went for a walk to spotswood so she could check out an apartment. it was a traditional ghent style place. i'd rather her just take up sarahjane's lease and hang out next door. then we went to red dogs so she could eat and i had a beer. there we were spotted by fellow ghentite kirk and i spotted the great jesse phipps. it was good to see him again.

i eventually got hungry and got my boyfriend and we went to ten top for take out. yummm city!! i think i'll definitely be picking up food from there from now on. so many veggie options for me. we ate and watched true blood dvds. i'm really enjoying our naro video rental membership. so much. after a few glasses of wine is off to sleepsville and here i am awake on a saturday off to serve some time at the ol' r&k. i still technically work there but don't work there. i fill in on weekends for extra cash if they ever need the assistance. its not all bad. i still get hair benefits this way you know? but i mean getting ready in the morning is way easier when i can just get up and throw on scrubs. ew.

i plan on watching bill cosby comedy tapes tonight. i've been planning it. no shame. i love mr. cosby.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

taking a break from blogger and trying something new.
hang out with me at my kim jong tumblr page.
taking a break from blogger and trying something new.
hang out with me at

Saturday, September 5, 2009

here i am. sitting in my new apartment in west ghent. my neighborhood is entirely too cute and i'm enjoying it very much.
we moved in on saturday when i got done with class. its slowly coming together with furniture and decor but i have a lot of belief in this little place.
living with josh has been similar to our life before considering i had been with him every day this past year anyway. but it is new and fun as well. we fix each other lunches for work and kiss goodbye as we go off for our days. speaking of a year josh and i will have been dating for a full on year next week! we win. so much has changed over this year its sort of scary. i remember josh and i talking back and forth while he was in arkansas for work getting to know each other and i remember him leaving arkansas three months early to come home and really get to know me. hes absolutely wonderful.
last night we walked down to red dog to meet up with lara and richard and ran into our neighbor sarahjane during the process and nick and kristin. i love how that works. i mixed my wines and beers and definitely felt no good this morning but i press on.
i have class today. its my final class before my actual finals which is the final class until i take cpr certification and radiology certification classes and finish all of this madness. three months of schooling went by really really fast. and there went the summer!
im excited for autumn for once in my whole life.